About Goa - Location Matters

Goa, a state situated on the western coast of India, was a Portuguese colony. Today Goa is a very famous tourist attraction in the world, thanks to it's beaches, churches, monuments and nightlife. One can experience the Goan seafood, visit their historic monuments and churches, relax near the beaches, enjoy in a party boat, all of them in the smallest state of our country. The beach is just 900 meters walk from our hotel.

Places to visit in Goa

Calangute Beach
The biggest beach of North Goa is visited by thousands of tourists all across the world everyday. The beach offers many activities like Water sports and Parasailing. There are many stalls where you can shop handicrafts and ornaments from various Indian and Tibetian shopkeepers.
Candolim Beach
Candolim beach is one of the three most popular beaches of Goa and and located near Aguada fort. The beach has many attractions like sundecks, umbrellas, catamaran sailing, surfing, banana rides, bump rides. The SUNBURN festival is also celebrated at Candolim beach at December.
St. Alex Church
St. Alex church is a beautiful church located very close to Calangute beach. Built in 1741, the church has two towers and a splendid dome, and is one of the oldest historic structures in Goa. The history of St. Alex church and it's beauty makes it a must visit destination in Goa.
Tito's Lane
Tito's is one of Goa's landmark venues. Set off the bustling Calangute beach, on a lane named after it (Tito's Lane). Tito's lane is very famous for the courtyard, night clubs, and cafes.
Fort Aguada
Once the most important ort of the portuguese era is now a big a historic site with a great panaromic view of the arabian sea. Fort Aguada is a typical example of Portuguese military architecture. There are many landmarks of the fort itself like the lighthouse, aguada jail, and the St. Lawrence church.
Basicilia of Bom Jesus
The most famous churh of Goa is the Basilica of Bom Jesus. Christians from entire world come here to visit this church, but it's also popular among people of other religions. This church is a great example of the maginificient architecture in Goa. This is a world heritage site and one of the oldest church in Goa.
Anjuna Beach
Anjuna beach is a 2km stretch, filled with cafe's, guest houses, and beach bars. Indians and Foreigners love doing Yoga, Ayurvedic massages, jet skiing, para gliding, sitting on small rocks by the sea side and enjoying the view.
Dudhsagar Waterfalls
Dudhsagar waterfall is one of India's tallest waterfall and water falling from a height literally creates an illusion of sea milk falling from the top. The waterfall splits into three streams as it pours over the near-vertical cliff face, thus forming a truly magnificent sight.
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