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1. Planet Restaurant

If anything has the power to make one pause for a moment and consider that life didn't turn out so bad, it's a panoramic view accompanied by the carbonated nostril-tickle of a favorite beverage as it's lifted above the horizon and drawn into the gullet.

For the best results, you need to select the best rooftop bars.

Marvel at the panoramic city and lake front views and the endless ceiling of sky and stars at PLANET, Hotel Mumbai House Udaipur’s rooftop restro bar. Covering the entire roof of Hotel Mumbai House Udaipur, this 6th-floor open-air lounge creates an atmosphere of chic relaxation high above the bustling streets of Sukhadia Circle. Planet welcomes guests year round including the famous monsoon season. Adorning a canopy and windscreen during the monsoon season, PLANET offers a memorable experience at a new high.

Located in the heart of Udaipur at Sukhadia Circle, Planet is one Udaipur’s best places to grab a drink or some food after office hours. Built on Rooftop, it is spacious and exudes a certain laidback charm. Comfy sofas to sink into, a bar with seating around it, a very attractive terrace that overlooks the Inner Circle of Sukhadia Crcle & Fateh Sagar lake front. Cuisines offered include Asian, Mediterranean, North Indian and Italian. Try the Exotic dishes along with your favourite beer and enjoy the scenic views of charming Udaipur.


Cuisine Indian, International mezzes and tapas

12:00 Hrs – 15.00 Hrs For Lunch & Drinks
15:01 Hrs – 19.00 Hrs For Drinks, Snack & all day menu
19:01 Hrs – 23.0 Hrs For Snacks, Dinner & Drinks

6th floor, Hotel Rooftop

Outdoor Seating 80

Lounge Seating 20

2. Flavours Restaurant

Flavours is the all-day restaurant where guests can enjoy some of the best food from across the world. Illuminated by natural light, the vast interiors are perfect for gatherings with friends, family and business dining. It is currently helmed as the go-to place for a leisurely dining. The restaurant is ideal for a cozy lunch or dinner party for up to 15 people. Situated at the entrance of hotel Mumbai house.

12:00 Hrs – 15.00 Hrs For Lunch & Drinks
15:01 Hrs – 19.00 Hrs For Drinks, Snack & all day menu
19:01 Hrs – 23.00 Hrs For Snacks, Dinner & Drinks
For Snack & all day menu
07.30 Hrs to 10.30 Hrs
10:30 Hrs to 12.00 Hrs

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